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What is The Cloud?

The Cloud is a new concept in computing and is fast becoming the preferred method of processing applications. It is an internet service where both Simplicity ERP Accounting and all your data files are stored in a remote data centre. No files are stored on your computer.

There are many benefits in using the Cloud:

  • Your data is stored in a secure data centre.
  • You can access Simplicity Accounting from anywhere, anytime from a Windows client PC, an Android device such as a smart phone or tablet or a thin-client such as Linux.
  • You data is backed up to a remote Cloud Backup Services.
  • Simplicity has a backup server that is automatically activated in the case of our main server going down.
  • The server is situated in a professionally hosted data centre (See What about our Data Centres)
  • Uptime of 99% plus.
  • Our central server is continuously updated with the latest programs and service patches.
  • It is far simpler to update a single server than multiple servers hosted at our clients premises.

What is The Cloud