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Easy to use

Simplicity ERP Accounting is the ultimate in ease-of-use. Designed from the ground up to put you first.

The Control Panel is the primary source of transactions. It handles every type of transaction whether it be invoices, payments or any other transaction. So you do not need to navigate via a menu to any other program, nor do you need to know how to operate a multitude of other programs.

On-the-Fly creation of masterfiles are available for all the modules allowing you to add new accounts on-the-fly without interrupting the transaction capture. For example, capturing a customer invoice for a new customer and the new customer's data has not been entered. You will be offered the option to add the new customer account, the customer master window will pop-up allowing you to enter the details and then continue with the transaction without losing your place.

Simplicity Accounting has no tedious month-end or year-end programs that are required to be run before you can continue with the next month or the next year.

There are an abundance of lookups to assist in the capturing of the transactions.
Drill downs allow you to explore the details of any item in the transaction right down to the source of the transaction.