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Post to your accounts by importing your Bank Statement.

Download a Comma Separated Value file (CSV) from you online banking.
Then import the CSV file into Simplicity from the Control Panel. An internal bank statement is maintained within Simplicity that mirrors the downloaded bank statement.

The first time this is done, all transactions are displayed on the screen. A treeview displays the selection of transactions to match to the tags and by clicking on the tag a Batch window pops-up that once completed contains the instructions for posting the transaction.

By clearing the new tags that are displayed after each import, the system builds up an knowledge base on how to post the imported transactions.

It is not uncommon that after a 3-month period, the knowledge base will recognize and automatically deal with upto 90% of bank statement transactions. We refer to this as artificial intelligence.

Imported bank statements can be auto-posted during the import or simply added to the Control Panel as ready-made captured transactions that if required, can be further edited and posted.

Wildcard options are available to help in the identification process.

This is a core feature of Simplicity and is available from the Control Panel.

A company urgently required to update their bank account within Simplicity from the 1st January 2011 to the end of January 2013 - a period of over 2-years.

After downloading their bank statement in CSV format, the file was imported into Simplicity and the internal bank statement was updated utilising the Artificial Intelligence of Simplicity and was auto-posted or auto-captured. The downloaded CSV bank statement contained 1,244 transactions. The entire process took less than 10-minutes.

Banking Import